Bluepoint Says It Has a ‘Great’ Relationship With Sony and Will Be Happy to Continue Working Together


Shadow of the Colossus remastered studio Bluepoint Games has said that it enjoys a “great” relationship with various Sony studios and will be happy to continue working with the company beyond its current PlayStation 5 project.

Speaking to SegmentNext, president Marco Thrush said:

We are an independent studio. The hardware we develop for is determined by the publisher who signs us. The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Titanfall had Xbox 360 SKUs for this reason. Various Sony studios have been great partners, most recently JAPAN Studio. We have a great relationship with them and we will be happy to continue to work with them if they wish to.

Bluepoint, which has been teasing its ongoing projects for a while now, currently has a mystery PS5 project in the works. While the developer didn’t reveal any details, Thrush said that he has no doubt it’ll “become the achievement we’re most proud of.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Thrush said that Bluepoint believes in the importance of high-quality remasters and remakes because a lot of great games are restricted to hardware that ends up being replaced when new consoles are introduced. As a result, new players can’t experience those classics unless they’re remade.

Using Shadow of the Colossus as a prime example, Thrush added that “it is important to bring masterpieces of gaming’s history to new players.”

As for what Bluepoint is working on, there’s speculation of a Demon’s Souls remaster but the studio has remained tight-lipped and only time (or a leak) will tell what’s in store.

[Source: SegmentNext]

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