Turn-Based Combat Zombie Apocalypse Roguelite Dead Age Arrives on PS4


Sometimes you just need the zombies to line up so you can score one headshot after another. Dead Age, a turn-based zombie roguelite that originally came out on PC back in the middle of 2016, has just hit the PlayStation 4. The game has you assembling a crew of survivors in an effort to, well, survive. To do so you’ll have to send them out on runs for supplies, try to work with, or possibly against, other humans you come across, and make the kind of difficult decisions that a post-apocalypse setting is rather well known for. As is thematically appropriate for rogue-likes, each time you play the game the survivors you get and the missions you come across are randomized, making it so that no two playthroughs are the same.

Of course, you’ll have to fight zombies along the way in turn-based combat. As you may expect, both sides will line up and take the opportunity to attack the other party. However, you’re going to want to avoid taking damage however you can, as you’ll need to help your survivors heal and rest up outside of combat when they do. You especially don’t want to lose anybody: death is permanent, so a dead survivor can’t just be brought back with a phoenix down or well-placed save point. Well, they can be brought back, just not in a way you’ll particularly appreciate as they become a member of the undead hoard out to get you. Manage to survive, and you may get to one of the game’s six different endings. Check out the trailer below.

Dead Age was developed by Silent Dreams, who has also worked on the rather silly series of turn-based tactical games Grotesque Tactics, and the equally strange action RPG Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead. They’re currently working on a Dead Age 2 as well. The game is being published by Headup Games, who has recently published titles like cartoonish twin-stick shooter Dead End Job, anime-esque turn-based roguelite Vambrace: Cold Soul, and stealth horror game Silver Chains.

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