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the clocker xbox one

There have been many games that have seen us gamers attempting to control a duo of characters – with the awesome Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up there with the best – but now it’s time for a mind-bending new tale to arrive, as The Clocker releases on Xbox One.

Previously available on PC via Steam, where it’s racked up some rather tasty positive reviews, The Clocker comes to Xbox One thanks to the team at E-Home Entertainment, to combine puzzling mechanics with the opportunity to work with time.

Telling a tale which sees a father and daughter duo work their way through a thrilling adventure, The Clocker will have you attempting to take charge of both characters, solving puzzles and forwarding the adventure as you do so. With some rather delightful time mechanics thrown in, a lovely hand-drawn art style to enjoy, and a plot which should warm the coldest of hearts, this is certainly a game that will appeal to many.

A price of just £10.74 will make it even more appealing to those looking to expand their Xbox One digital library and by heading to the Xbox Store, the usual download will be found. Make sure you give it a hit if this is a time-bending adventure you wish to partake in. And let us know what you think of The Clocker too – the comments section is down below.

Our full review will be coming your way soon too.

Game Description:

Clocker is a puzzle game about time. It stages a story between a father and daughter using a dual protagonists technique. By controlling two individual characters in turn, you will gradually solve puzzles, push forward the timeline and the adventure. The game features unique time mechanisms, an artistic hand-drawn sketchy style, thought-provoking puzzles and a heart-warming plot. A vexing and thrilling adventure awaits you!

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