New Info on Fairy Tail Reveals Playtime, Future DLC Plans


An interview with Nintendo Everything has given us some more information on Fairy Tail, the upcoming JRPG based on the manga and anime series of the same name. A small piece of this interview was released earlier this month, revealing that the game will have no English voice acting. Now the full interview with producer Keisuke Kikuchi has been posted, and it gave us a few more details. For starters, if you’re looking to play Fairy Tail you better be ready to commit. Kikuchi claims the game will take a solid 30 hours to finish the story, but somewhere around 80 if you want to 100% it.

Even better, just because you finish the game doesn’t mean it’s over. Kikuchi says that they are working on several bits of DLC for Fairy Tail. While he didn’t go into specifics on what the DLC will contain, he did say that the team has received requests specifically from Manga author Hiro Mashima to include certain characters or situations that they weren’t able to get to in the main release, so they’re planning to remedy that with DLC. However, outside of the promise of more characters and “maps and certain other elements,” that’s about all we have. One thing that was promised? There will be no original characters, as the developers want to pull from the vast cast of characters already present in the manga and anime.

Outside of this, most of the interview just mentions little things. If you were hoping for a chance to play as flying cat and general cutey Happy, bad news as he won’t be joining your party as a playable character. Kikuchi did note that there are situations that, if certain conditions are met, Happy will join the team in battle in a currently unspecified way. There’s also mention of recruiting members from other guilds and an affinity system that can give you bonuses for having guild members hang out, but it seems we’ll have to wait for the full release before we learn more. Still, those excited for the game’s March release have some fun to look forward to.

[source: Nintendo Everything]

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