PSLS Game of the Decade – Staff Picks


A lot of games released in the last 10 years (we tried counting but lost track somewhere after we used up all our fingers and toes) and in the spirit of moving forward into a new decade, we asked the PlayStation LifeStyle staff to land on one single game as their personal Game of the Decade. For many of us, this was a difficult decision that came after much debate, both internally and externally.

Even though we’re a PlayStation-focused site, our staff plays games on many platforms, so we invited them to pick from any game at all of the last decade. The only stipulation was that it had to release after January 1, 2010. This was also a highly personal choice for each person, so our picks don’t necessarily reflect what we think was Game of the Decade as a whole, but which games meant the most to us individually in the last 10 years.

Here’s everyone’s Game of the Decade picks:

It’s amazing to see how far gaming has come just in the last 10 years. Games like Skyrim, Witcher 3, Dark Souls, and more that we take for granted as beloved entertainment experiences had barely been conceived back in 2010, let alone released to the world. Really makes you wonder what kind of incredible experiences will define the next 10 years of gaming. The games we’ll all be talking about in 2030 are ones we probably don’t even know about yet.

More interested in focusing on the last year instead of the whole decade? Our Game of the Year awards published earlier this month, celebrating the best of the best in 2019. Lots of games had the opportunity to be honored, so make sure to check out both the nominees and winners for each category, as well as which games took the awards in each reader’s choice poll.

What was your personal Game of the Decade? It doesn’t have to be something that defined the entire decade for gaming, but just a game that meant the most to you during the last 10 years. Any platform, any release, as long as it came out after January 1, 2010 is fair game.

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