Death Stranding’s New Patch Allows You to Disable Cutscene for BT Encounters


Obviously, as a Hideo Kojima game, Death Stranding is replete with cutscenes, some of them quite lengthy. Yet, arguably the most annoying of the bunch lasts a mere 10 seconds or so. The cutscene in question is the “Warning” that players see when first entering BT territory. Thankfully, Death Stranding Update 1.10 will give fans the option to disable the cutscene altogether.

When Sam steps into a BT area, the game wrests control from the player. Sam pauses, the Odradek Terrain Scanner does its thing, then the player slowly regains control. This same exact scene plays out with every incoming encounter. Players who want to disable this warning signal can now do so at leisure. In the following tweet, the Kojima Productions account shares an image depicting how the new setting work:

The Kojima title has consistently received updates since its November 2019 launch. Another quality of life patch went live in late November, giving players the option to increase the size of Death Stranding’s unusually small in-game text.

With the Norman Reedus-starring experience now out in the wild, fans patiently await news of Kojima Productions’ next project. One tease from Kojima himself suggests he may give horror another try. Beyond that, he also wants to explore other types of projects, such as film, anime, and episodic games.

Death Stranding is in stores now for the PlayStation 4. You can purchase it on Amazon now and get $10 offThe title will launch for PC on an unspecified date this summer.

[Source: Kojima Productions on Twitter]

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