Artist Masahiro Ito Further Fans Silent Hill Speculations With Cryptic Tweets


Yesterday, a tweet by Kojima Productions had some fans convinced that the developer was teasing a new Silent Hill game. The speculation has its roots in a number of reports that surfaced last year, claiming that Konami was working on multiple Silent Hill projects and that Hideo Kojima was involved in one of them.

As unlikely as it may seem, Konami did say that it’s considering ways to bring back the fan-favorite series and Kojima himself confirmed that he’s working on a horror game. Whether it’s Silent Hill or a different title is anybody’s guess right now but series artist Masahiro Ito’s cryptic tweets have further fanned speculations that Kojima Productions is up to something Silent Hill-related.

“This tweet means that I have nothing to tweet. If it goes well, I will have nothing to tweet tomorrow,” teased Ito. “Pyramid Head, R.I.P.”

The latter part of the tweet is peculiar because Ito said back in 2017 that he would be up for a Team Silent reunion if he was allowed to kill Pyramid Head.

Interestingly, last month Ito announced that he was working on a new game as a core member of the development team. However, he refused to reveal what he was working on. Additionally, he’s made no secret of his desire to work with Hideo Kojima in the future.

Considering all of the above, it’s no surprise that some Silent Hill fans have their hopes up.

Do our readers think Kojima and Konami have reconciled? Share your thoughts with us below.

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