Tencent Is Making an Open-World Cyberpunk FPS for Consoles and PC, Check out a Tech Demo


Chinese giant Tencent has shown off a tech demo for what will be a “globally marketed” open-world cyberpunk first-person shooter for consoles and PC.

Called SYN, the project’s tech demo was showcased in English, which you can check out below courtesy of Gematsu.

The project is in development at Lightspeed and Quantum Studios, whose previous work includes PUBG mobile. The developer commentary notes that nothing in the video is representative of the final product.

“We tried to push forward state-of-the-art, real-time graphics in a cyberpunk-style world with an intriguing universe and striking visuals,” said Tencent. “Our characters are realistic, yet stylish, with various customization features including cosmetics, skins, and extremely realistic effects achieved with our strand-based hair system through cooperation with Epic Games.”

Players will be able to one of three factions to play and will get their own “cybernetic pet” whose looks and traits they can customize.

“Our immersive character and vehicle selection and customization process takes place within our open-world universe, so characters can interact with their environment even while being modified in real-time by users,” added Tencent.

The company recently announced that it has plans to expand its presence around the globe. Kojima Productions co-founder, Ken Imaizumi, recently joined Tencent’s European arm based in Amsterdam. His role involves pursuing investment opportunities.

In May, Tencent announced that it’ll be “taking the System Shock franchise forward.”

Tencent has yet to announce SYN‘s release window and specific platforms but we’ll keep our readers posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the demo.

[Source: Gematsu]

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