Animal Crossing New Horizons Dream Address Codes: How to visit Dream Islands


Do villagers dream of sleepy tapirs? Animal Crossing New Horizons welcomes back another returning character – Luna – who has the hypnotic ability to astrally project players to Dream Islands from the comfort of their own bed.

From there you can live out your island fantasy without going through the nightmare of lost connections and wonky internet that can be ACNH’s traditional multiplayer.

This vision of far-off islands is granted through the magic of Dream Address Codes, which let you visit new places without the other player having to be there all of the time.

Here’s how Dream Addresses work, where you can access your own Dream Code, and where you can get other people’s Dream Address Codes.

ACNH: How to visit Dream Islands

Luna the Tapir first appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf, where she had a whole shop related to dream-time hallucinations of visiting your friends’ islands.

The process of visiting Dream Islands has been simplified for New Horizons, so all you need is a soft bed in your home and the Dream Address Code of the island you would like to visit.

This can be any bed you have. There are no special requirements, other than that you will need a Nintendo Online subscription to join in.

When you lie down on the bed, you’ll be given the option to either get some sleep or just lie down.

Choose to go to sleep and you’ll be transported to Luna’s dream realm.

From here, say “I want to dream”. You’ll then be prompted to enter the Dream Address Code of the island you want to visit.

Input the code and you’ll be whisked off to the dream version of that person’s island. It’s just like if you’d flown to their island normally, but with a few notable exceptions:

  • You can’t go to sleep with a wand outfit on, so properly change into the outfit you want to wear on your journey
  • You can’t take anything with you to the Dream Island, or bring anything back
  • The only “souvenir” you will be able to collect is any design on display in that island’s Custom Designs Portal (if they’ve made any)

ACNH: How to share your Dream Address Code

Sharing your own Dream Address Code is easy.

All you need to do is sleep in a bed to visit Luna, then pick the second dialogue option to share your Dream Island.

This will upload the current version of your island to the internet and generate the Dream Address Code that you can give to friends and family in person, via in-game message, or through any other messaging app.

If you make changes to your island and want them to be reflected in your Dream Island, you have to visit Luna again and upload those changes to the internet. You can do this once per day.

By uploading your island you agree to share some of your island’s data publicly. This data includes your in-game name, your passport info, the look of your entire island, rooms in homes, your custom designs, any bulletin-board posts, and “more”.

Dream Bell Exchange Tickets

Uploading your Dream Island to the internet pockets you a Dream Bell Exchange Ticket, which has no other use than to sell to Timmy and Tommy for some Bells.

Where to find ACNH Dream Address Codes

You can find Dream Address Codes anywhere that you’d find QR and Able Sisters custom design codes.

This can be in YouTube Videos, by running a Twitter search, or by looking in designated Reddit threads (all linked in the previous sentence).

Many notable community members, creators and YouTubers have already shared their codes, and I’ve done a quick trawl to list them in the table below.

Follow the links to view their respective profiles and channels:

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