Konami Apologizes for Hyping People up With Silent Hill Tweet but Its Response Is Peculiar


The official Konami Twitter account published what seems to be an ordinary tweet about Silent Hill but, as expected, the internet latched on to it as some kind of hint that the long-running rumors are true. The publisher noticed the ruckus and quickly issued a clarification, but its explanatory tweet ended up fueling speculations further.

Let’s break this down. Here’s what Konami tweeted:

It’s the last tweet that has some folks scratching their chins. That Silent Hill Twitter account was created in July 2020. Yes, this past month! Since Twitter allows companies to claim certain accounts named after their properties, it’s possible that July is simply when Konami took control of the account, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering why the publisher would set up an official profile for the series very recently, and point followers to it if it didn’t have any plans for the future.

What do our readers think of this?

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