Devolver changes controversial Carrion menu icon for Nintendo Switch


Today, Devolver announced that they are changing the menu icon for the newly released Carrion title via an update. When the game launched not long ago, many people, especially on social media, were quick to voice their opinion on what the picture looked like on the game tile. We won’t go into specifics – and you can make up your own mind on what it may or may not portray – but Devolver has deemed it necessary to change it – apparently due to the original key art not being ‘patched out’ prior to release as initially intended.

Here’s what the old menu icon looked liked:

And here we can see Devolver explaining why the original icon accidentally made the cut:

Devolver’s social media presence and marketing strategies have often raised eyebrows and this is another case of some entertaining moves by the publisher. Still, if you prefer the older menu icon, just make sure not to update the game.


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