Gearbox Boss Says PS5 and Xbox Series X Are the ‘Biggest Leap’ in History of Console Generations


Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has said that players have yet to see how much of a difference there is between current and next-gen consoles, and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X represent the “biggest leap” that he’s seen in the history of console generations.

Speaking to GameSpot, Pitchford said that the jump from current-gen to next-gen is bigger than the leap from 2D to 3D.

I always get so pumped when there’s an ability to take a step forward with new hardware and new technology, and anything that’s going to empower us. I think customers will realize how profound of a difference it is to have the throughput capability that these new platforms bring. It’s just absolutely unreal. The leap there with PS5 and Xbox Series X is the biggest leap I have ever seen in the history of console generations. I’m saying, including the leap from 2D to 3D. It’s going to change the way we think about every bit of our experiences.

Pitchford, whose studio is behind the PS5 game Godfall, also cautioned that it’ll be hard to see this leap in launch titles, so keep your expectations in check. This statement falls in line with comments that we’ve previously heard from other developers, who’ve said that it’ll take some time for studios to get properly acquainted with the new technology and fully utilize it.

Some developers also believe that cross-gen games may hold things back. However, this is a point of contention among industry professionals.

What do our readers think of Pitchford’s comments?

[Source: GameSpot]

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