Report: Unverified ‘Leaked’ Video Shows the PS5 Booting Up


Reddit user wsb_BernieMadoff claims to have paid €100 to someone in Russia for a video that apparently shows the PlayStation 5 booting up. Before we get into it, check out the video for yourself first:

PS5 UI Startup Leak (Video) from r/PS5

The internet is torn over whether this video is real or not. For starters, we do know that Japanese streamers will start sharing their impressions of the console soon so it’s definitely out there. What we don’t know is how these guys got a hold of the console, if the video is real, that is. Speaking of which, users who believe the video is fake have pointed out that the image of the UI that Sony officially revealed could have been slapped onto the footage. Others believe that the controller might be faked, especially since Sony has been officially showcasing the standard white controller so far. However, do note that this could be a dev kit and we have seen real photos of a black DualSense with white buttons.

Then, there’s the question of why the leak doesn’t show the UI. But considering that someone was willing to pay €100 for a 25-second video, it’s easy to see why the “leaker” wants to withhold the rest. It’s a great way to make some money out of people hungry for information since Sony has been dragging feet. Then again, if this is a dev kit then the leaker probably wants to avoid going any further than this due to the fear of repercussions.

For those who are curious, here’s a rough translation of what the leakers can be heard saying in the video (courtesy of ResetEra) while the PS5 apparently takes 20 seconds to boot from cold.

‘And why does Sony need double camera? Is that for two users – each one connects to different Bluetooth?’

‘No, it’s like a double camera in mobile phones.”

‘Portrait mode?


Make of this what you will. We’ll update our readers when we have more on this.

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